Patchouli Essential Oil
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Price List

Last updates: 1 October 2016
Various factors such as harvest season, climate, weather, transportation, supply and demand condition, and currency exchange rates may affect our price, therefore we'll try to update this price list on monthly basis. Please check this page on regular basis for updated price.

patchouli seeds

Current Price

Patchouli Essential OilPacked in 500 ml (16.9 fl.oz) aluminum bottle
Price: USD 36.00 per 500 ml (16.9 fl.oz)

Packed in 1,000 ml (33.8 fl.oz) aluminum bottle
Price: USD 69.00 per 1,000 ml (33.8 fl.oz).

Other packaging
If you are a retailer or wholesaler of essential oils, we can pack the product in small volume and put your own private brand and label on the packaging so they will be ready to sell to consumers. Please contact us for the price with special packaging.

Patchouli essential oil

Estimated Shipping Costs

We only ship by DHL Express Service to ensure reliability and fast delivery to customers. Shipment tracking number will be provided so you can trace the shipment at anytime. For those who have DHL import account, the shipping cost can be collected by DHL through your account.

The following table indicates the estimated shipping costs to various zones. Please note that actual shipping costs could be lower or higher than this estimation. We will submit actual shipping costs in responding your inquiry. The bottom line is the more you order the cheaper shipment costs you have to pay.

Region 500 ml 1,000 ml 10,000 ml 25,000 ml 50,000 ml
ASEAN (Zone 2) $63.85 $75.76 $268.05 $554.44 $949.42
East Asia (Zone 3) $71.44 $83.35 $288.95 $601.48 $1,031.13
Australia & NZ (Zone 4) $82.22 $95.99 $321.44 $667.59 $1,108.95
North America (Zone 5) $96.30 $111.48 $351.32 $703.54 $1,245.14
Middle East (Zone 6) $102.80 $119.03 $390.93 $826.42 $1,299.61
South Asia (Zone 6) $102.80 $119.03 $390.93 $826.42 $1,299.61
Europe (Zone 7) $115.80 $133.11 $406.11 $845.41 $1,408.56
South America (Zone 9) $157.39 $180.66 $556.96 $1,165.53 $1,949.42
Table: Estimated Shipment Cost by DHL based on zone and order quantity in US Dollar.