Patchouli Essential Oil
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More than 90% of world's supply of patchouli essential oil come from Indonesia and 80% of this supply is produced in Sumatra island. The climate and soil condition in this island makes it a perfect place to cultivate patchouli plant.

From the very heart of Sumatra island in Indonesia, we deliver the best quality of patchouli essential oil to all over the world. Now you can buy patchouli essential oil from direct reliable manufacturer like us with very reasonable price.

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templatemoPatchouli Plantation
We manage our patchouli plantation from planting, growing, nurturing, until harvesting. We strictly follow and implement Good Agricultural Practices on Patchouli to ensure sustainable supply. It allows us to harvest patchouli leaves to be distilled to produce patchouli essential oil at any time we need.
We also cooperate with small local farmers and coach them on how to maintain their patchouli plantation. This cooperation gives mutual benefits for all. Read more.

Steam Distillation
Distillation process of Patchouli Essential Oil is a combination of art, science and experience. With high quality stainless steel equipment, we extract essential oil from Patchouli leaves by using steam distillation method. Read more.

Sales and Distribution
We understand some consumers buy Patchouli Essential Oil at very expensive price. This is due to long chain distribution channel from manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, and finally it reaches the consumers at ridiculous price.
This website is a part of our effort to cut the long chain of distribution channel, so even small customers like you can buy directly from the manufacturer like us. Satisfaction guaranteed. Order now with confident.

SUMATRANS Patchouli Essential Oil Specification

Species: Pogostemon cablin Benth.
Scent: Woody, Musky, Balsamic
Color: Goldish Yellow to Light Brown
Patchouli Alcohol: 30% - 34%
Acid Value: 3 - 4